Former President Daniel Moi

By John Osoro
The high court has awarded KSh18 million to mothers of former political detainees being compensation,thanks to police brutality.

Justice John Mativo says in a judgment that the actions of torture meted on the mothers by the police and General Service Unit officers constituted to “gross violations of their constitutional and human rights.”

The six had told court that they were arrested and tortured on different dates between 1992 and 1993 by state agents for their resistance to police brutality at the famous Freedom Corner at Uhuru Park , Nairobi, during the clamour for multi party democracy and demand for the release of 24 political prisoners held in detention.

Their sons had been detained for agitating for multi-party democracy.

Justice Mativo said each of them will get KSh 3 million and the sum will attract interest from June 30, 2014 when the petition was filed until when the full payment is made.

“An award will go some distance towards vindicating the infringed constitutional right. Considering the nature of the violations and bearing in mind the fact that it may not be easy to quantify denial of fundamental rights and freedoms I enter judgment in their favor,” ruled the judge.

The case was filed in 2014 through lawyer Gitau Mwara.

Mwara said the women had peacefully assembled at Uhuru Park to agitate for the release of their sons but police and General Service Unit unleashed violence on them.

They were beaten up before being bundled in government Landrovers and returned to their rural homes.