By Vincent Agoya

A Nairobi court has rejected a Ksh 25 billion compensation Sinai fire survivours  demanded from the State.

They have been told to instead lodge individual claims against the Kenya Pipeline Corporation which was a key respondent in the case.

“KPC as a law abiding corporate citizen, we will abide by the court’s decision,’ Jason Nyantino, Corporate  Communications Manager, said.

Justice Edward Muriithi  said an alternative remedy could be pursued through civil litigation.

The petition had been lodged in a Constitutional court where the then Senator Mike Sonko who wanted the government compelled to award collective damages to the survivors of the  September 2011 tragedy in which property and hundreds of live were lost.

Lawyer Lydia Kwamboka said  the survivours  had attempted to negotiate an out of court compensation.

“It is unnecessary whether to decide whether the claimants may recover personal injury damages through a constitutional law as there is already a procedure in common law and statute through which the matter may be conveniently and fully resolved,” the judge said.