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A family is deeply saddened after their  4th year University of Nairobi son died under unclear circumstances  at Madaraka estate’s Agape Court in the wee hours of Feb 18 2017.

A lawyer representing the family is pleading with residents who may have information to volunteer as he claims there are “seriously conflicting” accounts of what transpired between 1.00am and 2.30am when Edwin Kirui is said to have jumped to his death from a rooftop.

“Had he been pursued…who apart saw him apart from a watchman who claims to have seen him jump from the five floor rooftop…” lawyer Isaiah Kandiye posed.

The deceased younger brother Kevin Kimutai said his brother had called him at around 1.00am.

“Its not unusual,he called me and told me he was about to take a taxi home , we live in South C and its not unusual that he comes home late,” he said.

Missed call

He said he saw a missed call in the morning. The call had been made from his brother’s phone at 2.26am.

“In the morning the police called me at around 7.30am to inform me of my brothers demise, I found the apartments residence, he was lying on the ground, they told me he had fallen from a window but you can see that it has grills, they also said he had jumped from the roof,” Kimutai said.

A brief reconstruction of the deceased movements according to the family lawyer is that he had been visiting a relative in a separate compound adjacent to the suspected crime scene.

“What was a young man who had been visiting a relative and bid her goodbye to walk home be doing at 2.30am on top of a roof?” Kandiye posed.

The lawyer said police were being unhelpful.

“They even removed the body before scenes of crime personnel took photographs.They have not recorded statements from two crucial witnesses, the watchman, a resident who says she heard a bang when her window was smashed during the suspected fall or plummet …

“Members of this court(Agape Court in Madaraka estate) should cooperate and disclose what happened, there are many theories that do not add up, some of  the residents and the watchmen know about it,” the lawyer charged.

Kandiye said: We doubt if he climbed to the roof top and fell down …what could a young man, who is new in this place be doing on the roof at 2.30am?

A situation report indicates that watchman patrol  at 2.30am saw man on roof before he “threw himself “down.

Watchman reported incident at Nyayo Stadium Police post and scene was visited at 5.00am .

Body was removed at 8.00am to city mortuary but family wants an autopsy,done by a private doctor  the lawyer said.