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New revelations concerning the mysterious death of  Olympic marathon star Samuel  Kamau Wanjiru’s emerged in a Nairobi court as his mother told an inquest her son was  murdered.

She said it appeared to her Kamau  had been accosted in his house at Nyahururu as she saw “bloodstains on a table, on a wall, and then on the floor.”
The late Wanjirus mother, Hannah , told the inquest at the Milimani law courts that” I saw he had been hit on the head , it was swollen and a bone was protruding from the scalp… he was still bleeding heavily even as he lay dead,” said the mother.
She said the daughter -in-law. Triza Njeri,  told her that she had found her son with another  woman in her bedroom  and locked the athlete in before he jumped to his death from the balcony.
The witness said she later found the blood stains being cleaned away . ” Wangechi a sister to Njeri was cleaned the blood stains,” she said.
She recalled watching  CCTV captures of her son’s home before to the sudden death that shocked Kenya and the sporting fraternity at large showing the late athletes arrival  at around 9.40pm on May 15 2011 using a car belonging to his manager Federico Rosa who has been paraded in a Nairobi court over doping.
Six men 
“We watched the CCTV footage in Kamau’s bedroom together with her wife, Triza , my brother and a senior police officer , Issac Onyango who was the DCIO Nyahururu,” Wanjiru said in Swahili through an interpreter.
The witness said the CCTV also showed Njeri arriving at their matrimonial home through a small gate and entering their house.
“After two minutes the CCTV shows another woman entering the compound and immediately lights go off,” the late Wanjiru;’s mother said.
She said that after the blackout a guard is seen using  torch light  to open the gate for “a group of six men into the compound.”
Blood stains
“They were all using one torch and wore black clothes and we could not tell who they were,they are then seen approaching Kamua’s house,” she said.
The late Wanjiru’s mother said there were blood stains on a table in the sitting room and later saw some more stains on the bedroom floor, walls and on the right door post which she later found being cleaned up by Njeri’s sister, Wangechi who had locked herself inside the bedroom.
“It is unusual in Kikuyu tradition for a woman  to find her way into her married sister’s bedroom, I also asked her you are no cleaning the evidence that had already been seen by senior police officers, but she kept quiet.”She said at thereafter, another vehicle is seen entering the compound which she identified to be Kamau’s vehicle.
The witness said nothing is seen in the CCTV footage after the six men entered the house.
She said that before they started viewing the footage two channels , one and eight were found to have been tampered with and the screen blurs….
Wanjiru recalled  lights come back on and in the next few minute footage …Njeri is seen leaving the compound appearing to converse on her mobile phone and gesturing to an unseen person on the balcony of the deceased athlete’s bedroom.
The witness said that they also saw Njeri standing at the gate and joined buy three other men who she could identify as James Mara, Stephen Maina Gichuhi and Gaitha maina. She said Mara used to world for her late son as a lorry driver before she sacked him, Gichuhi she said is the son to her brother while Gaitha was an athlete with the late Kamau.
” We asked Njeri, what has  Mara and Gichuhi come to do? she said they had come to pick Kamau and we asked how did they know that he had fallen down and instead she started  crying and walked out.” she said.
Foul play 
The late athlete’s mother told the inquest among the CCTv footage that she saw, none captured her son falling as alleged.
Two metals bars were shown in court  which had been recovered from the late athlete’s bedroom.
Wanjiru told the inquest that NJeri and the DCIO Onyango wanted the CCTV footage  be played at the police station but she refused and demanded that it be played in the bedroom after her brother adjusted the cameras insisting that a recorder in the CCTV contained the details that were necessary for  investigations. Police took away the CCTV recorders, the witness said.
She said she had obtained a court order  to stop burial plans in light of emerging details that pointed towards foul play.
The witness was stood down due to the length of her evidence, Proceedings resume on May 11 2017.
Police initially reported suicide but a pathologist ruled out an alleged fall saying his injuries were caused by a blunt object trauma to the back of the head.