The trial of five men charged with carrying out the terrorist attack at Garissa University has resumed at a trial court in Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

A Tanzanian, Rashid Mberesero, held alongside  four Kenyans in connection with the atrocity in which over 100 people mostly student at the institution were killed, pleaded insanity at one stage,staling proceedings, but has since been declared fit to stand trial .

The trial court has been shown 28 assorted pellets and grenade shells collected at the attack scene.

Peter Monyotu, a bomb expert, said he was tasked to confirm whether the four alleged attackers who had been killed in a counter-strike by Kenyan security forces had explosives on their bodies.”

The detective said the bodies had no suicide vests. He also confirmed that finder prints were lifted from the four alleged attackers who had been killed.

Knowing who they had been sold to

Monyotu said investigations could easily reveal the manufactures of the grenades used in the attack, thanks to their serial numbers, which “could help in knowing who they had been sold to.”

The Tanzanian man was found “hiding in the ceiling” of one of the hostels at  the campus.

He has been identified by other witnesses as having been a guest at a nearby mosque where his belonging were recovered a day after the attack

The prosecution believes the suspects  were in contact with the four gunmen who carried out the attack .

Authorities have since identified one of the four gunmen killed as a  Kenyan citizen, Abdirahim Abdullahi, an ethnic Somali,  a university law graduate.