Fugitive televangelist Gilbert Deya has waded into new controversy after a court in Nairobi disowned an order purporting to quash his prosecution for child trafficking.

The trial court has ordered investigations on the origins of the “fake court order” that has since been presented in a UK court where he faces extradition proceedings.

“Officials in the UK have since been notified that it is not  genuine court order,” prosecutor Edwin Okello told justice Rosylyn Aburili who was to hear Deya’s high court objection against the child trafficking case.

Skeleton file

But, the court file could also not be traced for the scheduled hearing forcing the judge to order a reconstruction of a “skeloton file” for the proceedings.

Deya’s lawyer who was not in court ,has been ordered to give an explanation where the order was extracted.

The judge said The DPP should carry out investigations as appropriate, get to the two deputy registrar of the division to find out where the order originated “and counsel to explain where the order came from.”

Monkey business

“We are discouraging this kind of monkey business…” justice Aburili said.

Deya who has a warrant of arrest  issued against him on  September 12 2005  lives in the United Kingdom where he runs the Gilbert Deya Ministries, which is said to have a following of over  36,000 members and is linked to  “miracle babies” infamy.

Extradition proceedings  against him are in  the City of  Westminster magistrate’s court  where all challenges  mounted against the extradition  was lost.

On December 18 2007 the foreign court ordered that he be  extradited to Kenya  but he appealed .

“The appeal was heard by the High Court  of Justice Queen’s Bench  Divisional Court  and was dismissed on October 31 2008,”a court document lodged in the proceedings in Nairobi reads.

Deya is seeking to quash the decision by the Inspector General of Police to prosecute him with child trafficking on grounds that his wife wads acquitted of the charges that await him at the chief magistrates court in Nairobi.

Deya has fought a protracted  battle against his extradition to Kenya, having been accused of leading a baby-theft syndicate in Nairobi.

He alleges that he is a victim of  political persecution.