Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho has suffered a temporary setback after a court froze his bank accounts until the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) completes a tax returns assessment.

The order will last for a month, justice Hedwig Ong’udi ruled.

KRA sought the  order against Joho on grounds that he had not filed returns from  2014.

“Despite declaring nil tax returns the governor is the registered owner of two high end motor vehicles, a Rolls Royce and Porsche Cayenne,” KRA lawyer Sylvetsre Okelo told court.

He told court that it’s apparent that the respondent has been in receipt of income which no taxes have been charged, saying that the commission intends to assess his income and issue a tax assessment.

“If the funds in the accounts of the respondent are not preserved then it’s likely that he may frustrate the recovery of the tax,” he said.

He said that Joho has interest in several companies, saying that there are no known assets in his name that may be used to recover the taxes once the assessments have been finalised.

He further told the court that in the interest of justice and equity the respondent pays his fair share of taxes.