Four suspects linked to an international terror network with agents in Kenya, Uganda, Libya, Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, Niger, Algeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Egypt and which relies on  human trafficking for the transportation of recruits and concealed weapons have been detained for 10 days in Nairobi.

Ahmed Abdi Mohammed, Orma Mohammed Khalif, Bare Hussein Mahat, Barkhle Mohammed Khalif A are linked to  the terrorism  and  organised crime outfit involved in the macabre human trafficking, human organ harvesting, abduction and ransoms.

Investigations have so far established 10 routes used by the network to transport terror recruits from Kenya to Syria and Libya by sea, air or road.

“Intelligence reports received place the respondents at the top of a cartel involved in human trafficking into and out of the country…” an affidavit from ATPU reads.

The suspects were arrested in refugee camps where police say they have been involved in ferrying of “aliens” from Somali to Kenya.

Contact with known terrorists

“Women and children are used to conceal and sneak in (explosives)…”the ATPU affidavit filed in court reads.

The suspects have been in contact with known terrorists on the police wanted list, the court heard.

They were arrested at Hagadera and IFO refugee camps, police said.

The bust comes in the wake of the killing of two Kenyan doctors in Libya who had been on the police wanted list having been recruited into terrorism while studying in Uganda.

They were the ones linked to the foiled Anthrax attack.


Farah Dagane Hassan, 26 and Hiish Ahmed Ali, 25, who were interns at Kitale hospital before they fled Kenya, died in the Libyan city of Sirte after a raid against ISIS terrorists.