A mother whose daughter was allegedly trafficked to Somali to join Al-Shabaab terrorists is in court to have the Inspector General of police compelled to crack the whip on two people she claims arranged for her child’s disappearance  Nairobi, Kenya.

Dorey Madhifa Yusuf’ is for crying for justice after numerous vain attempts to have those she says are behind the alladged trafficking arrested. She has reported the matter to authorities who have since summoned the suspects who are said to have promised to have the girl return(ed) in three days, but to date have since been assaulting her and police accused of seeming complacence.

The child aged 17  years was allegedly taken to Somalia in 2016 and according to court papers was trafficked by  Khadija Ali and Sheikh Abukar  “to be trained as Al-shabaab terrorists but the police have refused, neglected or delayed to arrest the suspects despite reporting the same.”
 “Madhifa Yusuf says the child’s life is now at risk due to non-action by police….” lawyer David Ondieki states in pleadings filed at the high court in Nairobi.
According to the family, the police have refused or failed to conduct investigations and arrest the suspects who it is claimed are recruiting children, training and trafficking  young Kenyan children to join terrorist groups.
Yusuf   is seeking an order of Mandamus to compel the IG and state agents to arrest and investigate the case.
Failure of the police (click undated PIC)
She says the state’s in-action amounts to failure in constitutional duty enshrined in Article 244 of the Constitution.
“The neglect, omission, refusal and failure of the police to conduct prompt, effective and professional  investigations into the applicant’s complaint of terrorism violates her fundamental rights and freedoms,” the suit papers state.
There are adverse claims in affidavits that the police have been complacent in the matter.
Ondieki said some police officers and hired goons have been harassing, Yusuf “in her pursuit of justice in reporting and following her missing daughter.”
Promised to have girl returned
Madhifa claims she has been assaulted at Pangani police station after police officers summoned  Khadija Ali to question her over her involvement in the disappearance of the child and “she promised to have her returned in three days.”
According to the family, the police have refused or failed to conduct investigations and arrest the suspects who it is claimed are recruiting children, training and trafficking of young Kenyan children to join terrorist groups.PIC
The trafficked child was born in September 2 2000 and named Nasra A.H. at Avenue Hospital in Parklands, Nairobi.
The young girl has been staying in Nairobi, Eastleigh, with her mother till January 21 2016 when she was sneaked out  the country by suspected Islamic extremist recruiters
Madhifa was tipped off that her daughter was among children who have been sneaked out of the country to Somalia and she rushed to police and lodged a report of her disappearance, court papers state.
The police arrested two suspects Ali and Abukar who both promised to have girl return(ed) within three days….this promise never happened, instead, the applicant has been facing harassment.
“On March 23 2017 the applicant reported the matter to Anti Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) at Nairobi area with hope they would arrest the suspects,also, went in vain upto now,” the sworn affidavit reads.
The case is lodged at the constitutional and human rights division duty judge Roslyn Aburili for determination.