A trial court has withdrawn a Sh31 million shillings claim lodged against Senior counsel Paul Muite that was lodged in 1999.
Muite told the court that he opted to refund the money to the complainants on his own volition so that they may not lose entirely after he had been charged in his capacity as director of a  firm against which the claim had been made.
The case was withdrawn under  section 204 of the criminal procedure code.
Muite’s name was dragged into the suit as a director of Arthi Holdings adding that it was better for him to lose the said money rather than the complainants to lose it.
“The suggestion that Arthi Holdings obtained money by false pretense when it had a valid agreement with the America Embassy is with no basis, ” Muite who had successfully challenged and stopped his prosecution told the trial court.
The prosecution did not oppose to have the matter withdrawn.
Charged 16 years ago
Muite was charged  16 years ago. He was charged in his capacity as chairman the private company, Arthi Holdings.
The complainants were Mwana Mwireri Rironi and Naivasha Farmers Company.
The prosecution alleged that the offences were committed between December 1992 and December 1993.


Paid them full amount

The complainants confirmed in court that  Muite paid them the full amount.

“Arthi Holdings Company was purchasing the land from the American Company which was disclosed fully to the complainants including others who were purchasing the land,” said Muite.

The representatives of  Mwana Mwireri Rironi and Naivasha Farmers said that Muite paid them the previous directors 8 million first and then paid the balance of 16 million.

The case has been pending in a Nairobi court since July 1999. Muite was charged on July 23, 1999, with six counts of stealing money from Mwana Mwireri Rironi and Naivasha Farmers Company. He was charged in his capacity as chairman of  Arthi Holdings.

The proceedings were suspended by the High Court in 2002 after Muite challenged the basis of  his trial.