A Nairobi court has allowed police to detain two “most wanted” terrorism operatives  linked to recruitment and human trafficking.

Ali Hussein Ali alias Trusted One and Abdi Mohamed Yusuf aka Dader were arrested on the  April 7 2017  in Malindi, Kilifi County and will be held for 29 days.

They are suspected to be behind the wave of  human trafficking and recruitment into terrorism.

Police say the pair  have links to ISIS/ISIL as well as Magafe Human trafficking network in Libya.

Bounty on their heads

ATPU says  Ali Hussein Ali alias Trusted One  has been behind transfer of monies linked to ISIL/ISIS in Libya as well as facilitating immigrants to enter Europe via Libya.

“The respondents and their associates do house recruits and illegal immigrants in lodges within Eastleigh, Malindi and other areas before facilitating their travel to Libya , Syria and other countries, ”ATPU affidavit reads.

The two were  arrested and paraded at the Malindi Chief Magistrates court and later “re-arrested” and brought to ATPU headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

They had a 2 million Shillings bounty on their heads.

Purporting to be a tourist

Trusted One is a foreigner  born in Mogadishu –Somalia and came into the country purporting to be a tourist. He later moved to South Africa, Sudan and later to Libya where he joined ISIS, police say.

The case will be mentioned on  May 9 2017.