The miss Lang’ata prison 2016 beauty pageant queen  Ruth Kamande who is on trial  for the grisly murder of her boyfriend in Nairobi’s Buru Buru estate feigned injuries to  cover up the 22 stab wounds she inflicted on the deceased, a trial has been told.

Kamande who is charged with snuffing out the life of  Farid Mohammed on September 20 2015 stabbed is believed to have turned the murder weapon, a kitchen knife, on herself, slightly injuring  her abdomen before police arrived at the scene.

“Her injuries according to me were a cover-up,” Hezron Otieno, a police officer who handled the case told justice Jessie Lessit.

Slight injuries

The officer confirmed that when he saw Kamande shortly after she had accosted her late boyfriend whose body was found leaning on the edge of his bed, she had  “some slight injuries” and was taken to Metropolitan Hospital before being transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital for treatment.

“She claimed she had been stabbed by the deceased,” the officer said. 

According to the police officer, the deceased may not have attacked Kamande after all.

“It is her who eyewitnesses saw  holding the blood stained kitchen knife, she also refused to open the door when a landlord told her to do so, and only opened later when police ordered her to surrender,” Otieno said.

Card sent from America

The trial court heard that among the exhibits retrieved at the murder scene was a card sent to the deceased from his other girlfriend in the US, a damaged mobile phone handset and the murder weapon.

Otieno said that the US girlfriend was well known to one of the deceased’s sisters who confirmed to him that the card had been sent from her to her brother.

Locked door

A landlord testifying in the case who heard the initial commotion on the fateful day told the trial court that Kamande had locked the door from inside.

Ndwiga Gatumo said it was around 8.45 a.m as he was preparing to go to church when he heard a male voice crying out for help is Swahili saying “nisaidie nasaidie amenidunga”( Help! Help! She has stabbed me…).

” I rushed out of my room and proceeded to where the man was screaming for help and peeped through the window. I recognised the voice as that of my tenant…” said Gatumo.

On peeping through the window, the eye witness said he saw the deceased standing near the door to his bedroom.

” I was able to see a man shouting and the girl also standing infront of him holding a knife,” the witness said.

Hit her breast

The man told me to take the keys inside the house and open for him but the door was locked, the witness said, adding that he told Farid to try and defend himself  as a man and even hit her breasts but he did not.

“I managed to break the window but could not reach the key, I could still see the girl holding the knife from where I was,” the witness said.

Gatumo told the court that the deceased had blood stains all over his body.

Another police officer who was at scene shortly after the stabbing said he found Farid already dead.

Joseph Otieno said when he arrived at the house after responding to a  distress call he was confronted by a blood sight.

“The lady( Kamande) had a lot of blood splattered all over her clothes, there was also fresh blood from the sitting room which we followed to the bedroom,” Otieno said.

He said he saw the body of the decease slumped against his bed.

Probably reacting

“The lady also had some slight injuries on the abdomen…”the witness said.

He said he recovered a knife under the bed, believed to be the murder weapon, a damaged cellphone along the corridor, blood stained sheets and clothes.

Hearing continues on June 13 2017.

In earlier testimonies the trial court was told that Kamande  had fits of rage a day before she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend 22 times killing him instantly.

That she was probably reacting to  old high school love letters she found in her boyfriend,the late  Farid’s possession .