North Mugirango MP Charles Mun’gare Geni has reportedly had his romantic teen daughter and her boyfriend arrested as punishment for eloping without his blessings.

The lovebirds, Erisiana Sabiri Mongare and Ahmed Salim Laali who chatted animatedly in court have been linked to terrorism and police say they may be in touch  with other known elements “collecting information for the purpose of facilitating terrorist acts.”

The two were arrested on May 25 2017 at  house in Nairobi’s South C and Nairobi CBD along Kenyatta Avenue respectively and were  hurried to court where a lawyer made the sensational claims.

“The allegation that they are in constant communication with known terrorism elements is frivolous, vexatious and unfounded,” lawyer Hassan Nandwa charged.

Intelligence reports

The police say that intelligence reports received by ATPU links them  recruitment  and radicalization of youths to join Al-Shabaab.

They say Laali booked a room at Heela Hotel in South C, Nairobi, where he eloped with the Mps daughter since May 18 2017.

Planning to runaway

The police further said that the two were planning to runaway to Tanzania before the end of this month hence they had obtained temporary movement passes from the immigration department and their sources of funds are not yet established.

Their call data records are being subjected to analysis at a crime lab as we speak.

Lawyer Nandwa objected  saying the profiling was “an abuse of court process and should be barred in law as it is based on mere speculation.”

Youths who opted to cohabit

Nandwa told court that the issue was a case of two youths aged 24 and 22 years respectively, and “who opted to cohabit without the blessings of their parent hence the girls father pressed for the charges.”

“Mongare’s father moved to ATPU to instill discipline in the daughter and the son- in- law as he could not believe that she had fallen in love…,” the lawyer said.

Source of funding

He added that the romantic teens are in love and the investigating officer has concealed the relevant facts.

Nandwa further told the court that the investigating officer interrogated the boy’s father and it was noted that the money that was used by the two to have their ‘honeymoon’ was obtained from his father.

He said that then answers the source of their funding.

A magistrate ruled that the two be detained till Monday at Muthaiga Police station and also ordered the Investigating Officer to issue summons to the respective parents to appear in court on Monday to shed light on the matter.