Independent presidential aspirant Solomon Gichira has been charged with attempting to commit suicide.

He was also charged with creating a disturbance  and destroying property at IEBC offices at Anniversary Towers, Nairobi.

His lawyer Dedan Wachira of Gachie Mwanza & Co. Advocates asked the court to “bear in mind the (political)circumstances currently prevailing in the country.”

Already won against IEBC

He said Wachira being an aspirant was at the IEBC offices to present his papers but was barred following a decision reached by the commission.

Gichira had already won a case against IEBC when the high court gave him the green light to present his nomination on as an independent candidate.

He was arrested for attempting to jump out of a window from the sixth floor IEBC offices on May 27 2017.

Gichira denied creating a disturbance by shouting and demanding an explanation why he could not be allowed to present his papers despite the high court order.

He is accused of  damaging an internet socket, a window and a door valued at KSh 30,000.

The aspirant was released on KSh200,000 cash bail pending hearing on  June 15 2017.