A  Criminal court has set free a second year Multimedia University of Kenya student who has been in custody  on allegations of making an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).

Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Peter Ooko discharged the case against Joseph Kamau Ngugi after the DPP applied to have the file closed as he did not intend to prefer any charges against him.

Class project

The prosecution said that investigations had established that Kamau was making the Improvised Explosive device for a class project.

Kamau was suspected to have had an ill motive by making the “IED” but he told the court that he improvised it for a video they were and forgot to disassemble it after the shoot.

Police had on Thursday presented him in court seeking to detain him further in order to complete investigations.

Inside garage

It was alleged that the faculty of Media and Communication student made the improvised device and placed it inside a garage within the University, “for unknown reasons.”

However Kamau told the court that he and his crew were shooting a scene for a class project that required them to make an improvised explosive-IED but forgot about it after they were done.

“When the police came to arrest me, I asked the arresting police officer to call the crew and confirm the details but they refused and arrested me,” Ngugi told the court.