Kajiado governor David Nkedianye was summoned to court  to defend himself against alleged contempt for ordering the closure of a firm which suspected goons later razed to the ground.
He is accused of disregarding a court order barring him from accessing and interfering with the operations of the Environmental Combustion Consultants Limited premises in Kitengela where he  ordered its closure on January 26 2017 before the goons struck a month later.
Existing court order
 The governor told justice George Odunga that he  acted “on the spur of the moment” when he directed that the engines be shut down  but denied he knew there was an existing court order prohibiting him from accessing and interfering with the operations at the premises.
 According to the educationist turned politician, it was in good faith that he entered the ECCL premise to “cool down” things.
He denies he was in the company of the people who stormed the ECCL premise and swears he was away “meeting wanainchi” when he was called on phone and informed about a commotion. This was before the burning!

 “I went there to percify an angry crowd that had gathered at the premises, I was responding to concerned citizens who were complaining about the smoke emanating from the incinerator,” the governor said.

He said on oath he was not shown a court order which the judge had earlier issued barring him from accessing the premises.

Spur of the moment

Kajiado county government has been locked in a long standing  legal tussle with the company since 2014 and the proprietor has linked the governor to the arson that led to massive destruction of property that took place on  March 17 2017.

A Governor’s day in court:Nkedianye accused of flouting order

“I  did what was necessary at the spur of the moment, I knew there was a case going on  but was not aware of any existing order,” the governor said.

 He is accused of flouting the order that had barred him from accessing the premise but states that he took matters in his hands to avert a crisis.
 “I responded to a matter that was urgent,” he said.
Took matters in his hands
 The applicant wants the governor cited for contempt stating he took matters in his hands when he went to the premise and ordered it be shut down.
 ECCL states that it relocated its industry to a sparsely populated area after a 2014 confrontation in which the premise was also set on fire.
The governor said that he held consultations with NEMA and ECCL  weeks before the burning took place to look for an amicable solution to the problem his people were complaining about.
 “I asked them to close down to allow sober negotiations,” the governor said.
He denied giving ECCL an ultimatum and demanding from the company, reputed to be the largest incineration firm in Eastern Africa, an exit plan to leave Kajiado county.