EACC  forensic investigator Tabu Luanga shocked a Nairobi court when he said the graft case facing Nairobi county finance chiefs Jimmy Kiamba and Lilian Ndegwa was a mere tip of the iceberg and that the rot may have been deeper than imagined!

The detective concurred with a lawyer, who chose to cross-examine him, that indeed the offenses facing the two were committed jointly “with others not before the court.”

How Nairobi county chiefs Jimmy Kiamba,Lilian Ndegwa stole public funds at City Hall

“Yes this was a sample of what we were able to get, I agree others are not identified,” the detective said.

Goods not delivered

He said the case in court in which they are charged with stealing KSh17 million ” was a small fraction of a deeper problem” at City Hall.

“Certainly there were others,” the detective went on adding that these others have not been investigated yet.

He reaffirmed that the suspects were a smaller fraction of the entire syndicate who fraudulently withdrew money from the Nairobi county accounts at Co-operative Bank between January 1 and December 31, 2014, for goods that were not delivered.

“We only looked at bank statements, picked there is a likelihood of others involved who the probe never captured.

The witness told a magistrate that investigations arose as a result of intelligence reports and a few entries picked against multiple transactions.

“The transactions were very many,” he said.

Paper trail

Pinned on having not confirmed whether the window blinds and other accessories that were purportedly paid for were not in the store, the witness boxed himself saying “payment procedures were irregular.”

“Anyone who signed should be responsible…that is why they are here,”  Luanga said.

The court heard that a gross assumption had been made that “goods were not supplied.”

“We never checked the stores, but the truth is that if you look at payment vouchers they are signed by one person, authorized this is no the procedure, that authorized by one person,” the witness said.

Document examiner

Luanga said that even the person who was alledged to have supplied stationery, window blinds against which payments were fraudulently made to Regina Chepkemoi at the tune of Ksh 112,000 on February 20 2014.

“Mr Irungu was a purported supplier he recorded a statement, his letterhead was forged…a document examiner confirmed the signature was not his,” Luanga told court.

He said he was aware the suspects on trial were charged for their involvement in procurement malpractices and that they signed cheques irregularly.

Hearing continues.