An ODM  youth leader who allegedly led a group of protesters to Orange House to demand why Elizabeth Ongoro was not nominated as Ruaraka parliamentary seat contestant has denied multiple criminal charges relating illegal use of  a firearm.

Benson Musungu who has been on the run since April 2017 was released on a bond of KSh1 million or a cash bail of Ksh 200,000 by Milimani senior principal magistrate Kennedy Cheruyiot. 

The prosecution said Musungu brandished an illegal firearm at the party headquarters and was found in possession of a  forged a firearm certificate number 9934 purportedly issued by the chief firearms licencing officer.

He is also accused of being found in possession of 14 bullets at Orange House on April 5 2017.

Fired randomly 

It is alleged that he fired randomly at the party headquarter demanding why Ruaraka parliamentary incumbent  TJ Kajwaang had been given a direct nomination as opposed to Ongoro.

He is charged with being found in possession of  a pistol make PARABELLUM without a licence .

Musungu is also charged with behaving disorderly while carrying a firearm by firing one shot in the air.

Two police officers are listed as witnesses.

Favouring Kajwang’

A crowd was demonstrating while accusing the ODM national elections board of removing Ongoro’s name from the list of contestants for the Ruaraka parliamentary seat.

They are alleged to have tried to force their way into ODM executive director Oduor Ong’wen accusing favouring Kajwang in the nominations.

The case will be heard on July 25 2017. A mention is on June 29 2017.