Former Anti corruption Czar  John Githongo appeared to distance himself  once again from the Anglo-Leasing case after he told a trial court in Nairobi  he acted out of pressure from former President Mwai Kibaki.

He said he is not an investigator but had to do what he did because of “pressure  from the then president.”

“The president called me, I was under pressure to get an answer…I had to call people to get answers, ” Githongo said on oath.

He told the court that he blew the whistle after he could not confirm the validity of the registration of companies in the contract.

Expunge his evidence

At one point Githongo attempted  to give a document  which he claimed had been  given by former anti-corruption chief Aaron Ringera.

The lead prosecutor Nicholas Mutuku stopped Githongo from giving  the document and asked the court to expunge his evidence.

He also said he had never the contract between Infotalent  and the government and saw it the first time in court!

“What I saw at the Office of the President was only a draft signed by the Government of Kenya,” Githongo said.

Senior counsel Ahmednassir Abdullahi put Githongo at pains to explain whether he ever bothered to find out information regarding the companies in the contract.

Blew the whistle

He said he blew the whistle  after he could not  confirm the validity of the registration of the companies.

Ahmednassir showed Githongo  a certificate of  incumbency which shows Infotalent  is a reputable  firm registered in Britain Virgin Islands.

Githongo acknowledged that there was emergent discrepancies regarding the information he shared several times concerning the Anglo-Leasing contract.

He said he performed an advisory role to the president and it did come with pressure.

Githongo said he did not personally carry out a search at the registry in regard to Infotalent.

On the contract he said what he saw was not fully executed, only a draft not signed by the Government of Kenya

Hearing was adjourned to July 24 2017.