The state has asked a trial court to convict serial killer Phillip Onyancha guilty of murder, but equally said he is insane!

Prosecutor Moses Omirera invited the court to invoke Section 166 of the Criminal Penal Code which relates to the defence of lunacy in meting out justice against Onyancha for the murder of a 9 year-old boy he kidnapped at a playgroundin Lenana area during one his horrific sprees in Nairobi before demanding ransom from his parents.

Omirera told justice Timothy Wakiaga  to rely on the evidence of the child’s parents, the detailed tracking of Safaricom call data records through which ransom money was paid and the evidence of the document examiner who confirmed that a handwritten note dropped at a Chief’s camp in the city’s Dagoretti area was indeed authored by the suspect.

Judgment is on September 20 2017.

He has been convicted in a  separate case of assault and rape.

Onyancha in 2010 took police officers, with the media in tow, to the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company offices at the Karen Shopping Centre where a skull believed to be of a girl  from Bomet District who he strangled was found.

He also led homicide detectives to a home, where he had worked as a guard in 2007.

In the sewer in this compound were the remains of another woman another victim of his violent murders.

Onyancha’s high school teacher, he said, recruited him into a human blood sucking cult with orders to kill 100 women to attain supernatural powers.

His  high cheekbones and deep set eyes give his face the triangular look of a fox. He has since undergone surgery to remove an orange sized tumour at the back of his head.

Hidden bodies

He confessed to the police that he is responsible for 19 murders  around the country and showed hidden bodies.

On Kwame Nkrumah Street in Thika at Suitable Lodging, Mr Onyancha took police to a cramped, dirty room where he claimed to have committed the second of two murders in the town.

“My target was to kill 100 women. I managed 17 and there were 83 to go,” he brazenly said.

He was recruited into a cult by one of his teachers in 1996.

“After agreeing to join the cult, I graduated automatically. From then on spirits would send me to go and kill.”

“In the cult, it was like in a stage. And to go to the next level, I had to kill a lot of people and also meet the leader of the cult,” he added.

In 2007, Onyancha said, he travelled from Nairobi to Nyeri after, he claimed, the spirits directed him to go and kill.

He claimed the same spirits gave him special powers to subdue his victims. He did admit that he only killed women, because they are more vulnerable. “When the urge comes, they are the easiest victims,” he said.

“When I meet my target, even if she tries to resist she can’t. I only need to greet her, shake her hand and she becomes confused, kind of….one time in Nairobi, I managed to make a lady follow me only by talking to her, but because I did not greet her, she survived,” he said.

Drinking their blood

He said he felt a “powerful and unstoppable” urge to kill and derived pleasure and satisfaction from strangling his victims and drinking their blood.

He was not charged for the murder of Catherine Chelengat, whose pile of bones were found in Karen after she went missing on November 2 2008, according to relatives.

At the time of her disappearance,  Onyancha was a G4S guard and stationed at the Water company’s office in Karen.

The deceased’s parents were later called for a ransom of KSh30,000.

In Thika, at Rwambogo Lodging Room 20 and Suitable Hotel Room 5, he claimed to have strangled two sex workers. At Kenyatta High School, Mahiga, which he joined in 1995,  Onyancha was remembered vividly as a bright and athletic.

 G4S sacked  Onyancha for absconding duty on several occasions.