By Eric Winston/ Guest writer

A rogue cop suspected of supporting terrorism activities through social media has been detained at the magistrate’s court pending the conclusion of investigations. The accused, Waiss Abdulaziz Mohammed, will be detained for thirty days to enable the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) to complete their investigations.

Waiss is a police officer deployed to the National Disaster Management Unit (NDMU) at Vigilance House.

He was arrested on July 1 at NDMU offices.

Waiss is facing charges of several counts of terrorism offenses among them radicalization, membership of a terrorist group, promoting acts of terrorism and being in possession of articles connected to terrorism. He is accused of having used Facebook on several occasions to post messages deemed to be in support of terror activities in Kenya and the world.

According to an affidavit presented in court, the messages are aimed at radicalizing his followers to commit acts of terrorism.

Suicide terrorism

On June 28, 2017, in a post hinting at suicide terrorism, he posted that he was going to die soon and would kill a number of people in the process. He has also previously posted that he has several opportunities with the Al-Shabaab in Somalia ( The ATPU believe the suspect has associates (including on online platforms) who they are working to bring to book.

In an affidavit sworn by Geoffrey Busolo, an ATPU police officer, it is revealed that the suspect was arrested after the ATPU received intelligence reports. Three mobile phones, a sim card and a laptop found with the suspect are being subjected to forensic examinations. Investigations will look into his phone details, Internet Protocols (IP) addresses and digital footprints and therefore he has to be detained so as not to interfere with the evidence.

The ATPU sought to have the police station in which the suspect will be detained to remain a secret for security purposes.

Kenya has previously experienced waves of terror attacks that have left Kenyans angered and apprehensive and scared off foreign tourists and investors.