Former Nairobi county chief Jimmy Kiamba was the subject of a forensic investigation after a whopping Ksh200 million was deposited into his bank account in a month, a trial court was told.

His lawyer wanted to know why he was targeted.

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Lead investigator Taabu Luanga said the deposit looked suspicious making it necessary for law enforcement to be involved.

EACC forensic investigator Taabu Luang (in black suit) presents his evidence during the trial

“The money deposited in that account looked suspicious,” Luanga said.

He said they knew Kiamba was a Civil servant when the investigations began.

Luanga denied that civil servants are not prevented from doing business.

Alarm bells

He said the mere fact that monies are transacted “need not raise suspicion but the fact that between January and March 2014 Kshs 200 million was in Kiamba’s account was enough reason to ring the alarm bells.

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Luanga then explained how the process of procurement is done lawfully.

He said it is initiated by plugging when “something is required the user initiates the procurement process either through tendering and later sanctioned by a committee.

Hearing continues.