Proceedings in the Anglo-Leasing trial have hit a snag after the DPP  failed to supply the defence with crucial documents relating to the case.

Prosecution witness Aaron Ringera, a former judge and ex- director of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission, now EACC, was to testify but due to the abruptly forced adjournment by the prosecution, has to come back in October 2017.

The documents were crucial in cross-examining Ringera, SC Ahmednassir Abdullahi said.


Click link below to see what Ringera said in 2009.

Justice(rtd) Ringera is on record in 2009 having admitted that investigations into the Anglo -leasing case had collapsed. 

Prosecutor Jacob Ondari apologized for being ill-prepared and sought an adjournment.He apologized to the defence, the witness and the court for the inconvenience caused.

He said he realised that part of the documents Ringera would refer to had not been supplied to the defence.

“I have shared this concern with Senior Counsel Ahmednassir and undertake to furnish all documents before the next hearing date,” the prosecutor said.

He apologised that the case would not go on due to the “unforeseen” turn of events.

Trial magistrate Felix Kombo said Ahmednassir had made it clear that the instant witness will rely on documents that are not in the possession of the defence and that the said documents are important, and, would want to consider them before proceeding.

The trial was adjourned to October 2 2017, and continues on November 6 2017.