A senior Nakumatt manager who is said to have shot a colleague dead at the supermarket’s headquarters along Mombasa Rd, Nairobi, has been taken for a mental examination before he answers to a murder charge.

Transport manager Abdul Kairo is reported to have fatally shot Stephen Wafula Musumbi, 23, on November 10 2015,  twice in the chest under unclear circumstances.

Prosecutor Catherine Mwaniki asked a judge to detain the suspect for two weeks for the preliminary procedure.

He returns to court on July 18 2017 to answer to the charge.

Unnecessary force

Police believe Kairo used unnecessary force, considering that he aimed at his chest and shot twice.

Justice Jessie Lessit directed that the suspect be taken for a mental assessment at the Mathare Hospital, Nairobi and be detained at the Industrial Area police station.

A detective told Justicenow.co.ke  the suspect is being charged after investigations revealed that he could have used excessive force.

Armed with a panga

Nakumatt head of security Michael Ndung’u was reported in the media having told police the deceased who appeared to be mentally disturbed started chasing his colleagues while armed with a panga and a spade.

One of the workers sustained a panga cut while the rest fled to safety.

The deceased is said to have attacked Kairo who shot him at point blank range.

Manager was not attacked

However, some witnesses told police the manager was not attacked as he walked from his office to where  Musumbi was.

A police ruled out a theory that he shot to immobilize the armed “innocent”  casual laborer.

Police said there is no evidence to show the suspect fired a warning shot as earlier claimed. Initial reports had indicated that  Kairo allegedly shot in the air once to scare the deceased.

He then shot him twice on the left side of his junior’s chest.

The suspect is a licensed firearm holder. His Berreta pistol loaded with nine bullets was confiscated for the case.

Detectives took two spent cartridges found at the scene for ballistic examination.

In May 2015 a Nakumatt manager James Karanja Mwangi was shot dead inside his car by three people on a motorcycle who are believed to have been hit men after he unearthed a scam involving suppliers and managers at the premises.