By Eric Winston/Guest Writer

A case in which  Laikipia West MP Wachira Karani wants the county speaker Patrick Mariru blocked from the hotly contested 8 August 2017 elections has been fast-tracked at the High Court in Nairobi as it has the potential of turning tables.

In the case, Karani contends that the county speaker was at the time of nominations “a state officer as outlined in article 260 of the constitution and should have stepped down before an elective post,” as the rigours of the law of the land demand.

“Within the meaning of Article 260 of the constitution, the respondent is a state officer on account of holding the respective county assembly office and under Article 99 of the constitution he is not exempted from disqualification from being elected as a member of parliament,” suit papers read.

Maruri requested the court through Prof Tom Ojienda to determine the case before elections as it would have overbearing implications on his political lifeline “should it be overtaken by events.” (read August 8 2017 polls).

Floored the Mp

The Laikipia county speaker floored the sitting Mp in the April Jubilee party nominations in the race for Laikipia West parliamentary seat.

Karani was among the six Mps in Nakuru and Laikipia counties to take the fall during the controversial Jubilee party nominations.

He says that the orders should be granted to prevent the petition from being rendered nugatory and to protect him from prejudice.