By Special Correspondent

Criminal proceedings against Nairobi County Chief of Staff George Wainaina have been quashed!

A judge scoffed at the proceedings terming them an abuse of the court process and as a result prohibited the chief magistrate’s court from continuing with the trial which commenced early last year.

Justice Joseph Onguto concurred with Wainaina that the role of Senator Mike Sonko Mbuvi in the investigations leading to his arrest was more than that of a complainant.

Veil of independence pierced

Wainaina was charged with the offence of attempting to bribe Sonko with Ksh1 million but he moved to the high court to fight for his rights where lawyer George Kithi filed a petition faulting the DPP over the case.

The judge while upholding submissions by lawyer Kithi said, “the petitioner has done enough to show that…this case was not objective enough and could have been recommended to the DPP for the prosecution of the petitioner as the veil of independence appeared to have been pierced.”

Allegedly Wainaina had offered to pay the bribe so that Sonko would tread slowly and not expose purported corrupt and fraudulent activities within City Hall and the county government.

Sonko was to be a witness in the case and had denied soliciting money from Wainaina.