By Eric Winston/Guest Writer

A court has directed that a suspected rogue cop who boasted of having links with Al Shabaab be charged or released from custody.

Waiss Abdulaziz Mohammed is detained in custody after he posted messages on his Facebook page which police said had a leaning towards sympathies with the terrorist outfit.

The suspect’s wife had challenged his detention on grounds that he may be insane.

Rogue Kenyan cop with links to Al-Shabaab mentally unstable, wife tells court

Justice Ngenye Macharia said that though the social media posts were vulgar, they did not point to terrorism.

“And even if they were, they were not accompanied by other substantial evidence to warrant detention without a charge,” she added.

Supporting affidavit

Justice Ngenye said that she had limited herself to the supporting affidavit provided by the prosecution in coming up with her ruling.

She further ordered the prosecution to press charges against Waiss Abdulaziz Mohammed on Monday 24 July 2017 or he be released from detention upon paying a cash bail of Ksh100,000.

“The courts must refuse to be used to trample on the rights of suspects,” the judge said.

The prosecution intends to appeal the ruling and its request to do so has been granted.

Suspected Kenyan rogue cop Waiss Abdulaziz Mohammed to spend time in custody for supporting Al-Shabaab

A magistrate’s court had allowed the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit to detain Waiss Abdulaziz for 30 days in order to complete investigations into terrorism allegations against him.