Former Anti-corruption boss and retired Judge Aaron Ringera told a trial court that he sought legal assistance on  Anglo-leasing in vain.

He told the court he gave power of attorney to Dr Marc Henzelin of Switzerland in the face of a high court injunction stopping such mutual assistance.

Ringera said former  AG Amos Wako recommended Dr Henzelin to help him to act as an investigator on behalf of the Switzerland government due to previous dealings.

He said he received a file and a disk from the Swiss authorities through Amos Wako.

Act was not in force

The former judge said the mutual legal assistance Act was not in force during his tenure. He left office in 2009 “by then there was no legal basis to allow him to get the mutual legal assistance.”

He said he served from 2004 and found to on going investigations in the passports and forensic laboratory.

He added that that during his tenure he forwarded 5 files to the AG for prosecution in 2006.

Ringera told the trial magistrate Martha Mutuku that he could not remember the specific contracts now.

“I didn’t receive mutual legal assistance from various legal assistance teams despite willingness by various authorities after the high court in Kenya ruled EACC had no authority to seek mutual legal assistance and if it has received any it should not be used,” Ringera told the court.

The former Anti-corruption boss said attorney general who was the prosecutor directed the commission not to forward any files to him until they completed the overseas investigations.

Content in file

Asked whether he was aware of the content of the file and the disc he received from Swiss authorities he said he said he didn’t open or read them as “there was a court order stopping him acting on the mutual legal assistance and because he had no legal authority” he didn’t open or read them!

The retired judge told the court he did not complete any investigation during his tenure and no one could have completed it since there was high court ruling that barred them to seek international legal assistance.

“I didn’t complete investigation on any file,” the retired judge said.

Hearing continues.