A documents hitch forced an adjournment after defence lawyers dug in, refraining from accusing the prosecution of sneaking in documents but demanding copies be supplied before they can cross examine Dr Kamau Thugge whose testimony  was a departure from the line already taken by his colleagues from Treasury.

Dr Thugge said  the Anglo-leasing project was not fully budgeted for and for the first time contradicted previous witnesses who have told the trial court the contracts were budgeted for and had the full approval of Parliament.

Stood down

The Treasury chief was stood down  since the documents he relied on  in court  were not supplied to the defence prior to his testimony in court.

Ealier, he said he was privy to how the government cancelled the contract(s) and appeared to provide details, mainly correspondence between respective offices.

He said he was aware four contracts were cancelled and monies that had been paid refunded.

Contradicted previous witnesses

Dr Thugge contradicted previous witnesses from Treasury who are on record stating that  KSh 20 million  had been approved in the budget  by Parliament.

The trial court has been told in previous occasions that security and  finance top brass led by then finance minister Chris Okemo who chaired the meeting, former PS Martin Oduor, a director of budget and other senior officials in government financing explored how to get funds for the proposed project.

That Commercial borrowing was discussed and identified as a possible way of financing the special security project.

Documents defence didn’t have

SC Ahmednassir Abdullahi demanded four documents which the defence didn’t have.

“We request that court makes an order that  we make copies ourselves,” the lawyer charged.

The witness was stood down and is expected to be cross examined when proceedings resume July 26 2107.