Nakumatt manager Abdul Kairo who shot dead an innocent  casual worker at the supermarket chain headquarters in Nairobi, according to police, has been released on a cash bail of Ksh1 million.

In the alternative, he may deposit a bond of Ksh2 million plus two sureties of like amount, a trial court ruled.

And in addition to the bond terms, the suspect has been ordered to deposit his passport in court as additional security.

He will return to court on September 20 2017 for “plea bargaining” in which the murder charge may be dropped to a lesser one of manslaughter.

Manslaughter case

Murder carries the death penalty on conviction while a manslaughter case a paltry 2 to 5 years.

Doctors have since declared him fit to stand trial.

Kairo has  denied  fatally shooting Stephen Wafula Musumbi, 23, on November 10 2015,  twice in the chest under unclear circumstances.

His application for bail was unopposed.

Excessive force

Police believe Kairo used unnecessary force, considering that he aimed at the late Wafula’s  chest and hit twice.

A detective told  the suspect is being charged after investigations revealed that he could have used excessive force.

Apparent self defence

Nakumatt head of security Michael Ndung’u was reported in the media having told police the deceased who appeared to be mentally disturbed started chasing his colleagues while armed with a panga and a spade before the fatal shooting.

However, eye brows were raised when other witnesses gave a contrary account of the incident.