Controversial televangelist Gilbert Deya has finally been deported back to Kenya and is being detained at Kamiti Prison.

He is facing child trafficking charges for the ‘miracle babies’ scandal, to which he pleaded innocent.

Deya recently told a Nairobi court through his lawyer John Swaka that he was willing to come back to the country but was fearful he would be manhandled and embarrassed by the police on the pretext of investigating the accusations labeled against him.

Archbishop Gilbert Deya now wants to come home, but…

The founder Archbishop of Gilbert Deya Ministries in the United Kingdom has been fighting his deportation to Kenya for 10 years.

Forged order

His appeal against the extradition was rejected by a UK court.

High court judges in the UK lamented that his extradition case had dragged on for so long. He is reported to have produced a forged court order purporting it to be from the Kenyan High Court absolving him of the criminal accusations. 

DPP to probe fake court order purporting to stop Gilbert Deya’s prosecution

Deya, together with his wife Mary, allegedly stole children from various hospitals in Kenya and sold them to barren women in Kenya and the UK between 1999 and 2004 claiming that they were miracle babies.

The Archbishop of Peckham is pegging his hopes of an acquittal for child trafficking on his wife’s not guilty verdict for similar offences.

Inquiry ongoing

But it seems the extradition is just the beginning of his troubles with his church also being investigated by the UK Charity Commission for alleged mismanagement.

“Our statutory inquiry into Gilbert Deya Ministries is ongoing. We are currently considering the implication of Gilbert Deya’s extradition on our investigation,” a statement from the commission reads.

The Archbishop, who hails from Bondo, commands a congregation of 36,000 followers in London alone.

He is to stay in custody until August 10 2017 when the court will determine his bail terms.