KHRC took great exception to a document hyped by local press and Social Media platforms supposedly from the executive director of the NGO Co-ordination board Fazul Mohammed purporting to deregister KHRC.

“This is sadly yet another chapter in attempts to harass and intimidate KHRC…” the commission’s Maina Kiai scoffed.

It is not the first time Fazul has had a go at KHRC. In 2015, KHRC sought legal redress on the matter and obtained a judgement against them in which a judge declared that an attempt to cancel registration when the NGO board had failed to furnish written reasons to the KHRC was a violation of its constitutional rights. KHRC said the timing of Fazul’s action was suspect.

Political support

KHRC said it is a travesty of justice that the NGO Co-ordination board and in particular Fazul would insist on a flagrant abuse of office in total disregard of the authority of the courts.

“Let it be clear that KHRC maintains the highest level of financial and operational integrity…” Kiai said.

KHRC has been attacked in 2015 and in January 2017.

“The brazen nature of this attempt also calls to question whether this errant public officer enjoys political support to undertake such abuse of office…” KHRC statement read at a media conference in Nairobi stated.

Integrity test

Let us take a moment to reflect on our supposed accuser Mr Fazul Mohammed:

He failed the integrity test and stands indicted by the office of the Ombudsman for lacking the requisite academic qualification to hold his current position, found him culpable of gross abuse of office and recommended that he be surcharged for the more than KSh8 million he has earned since his appointment not to mention being charged in court for forgery, KHRC said.

He has previously been dismissed from his position on account of his conduct bt the CS for Devolution and Planning and only received a reprieve when the docket was transferred to the Ministry of Interior.

Petition against Uhuru

KHRC said Fazul continues to invoke powers his office has never possessed and purports to instruct other state agencies such as KRA and CBK to execute unconstitutional directives.

The EACC did publish in a gazette notice dated March 31 2017 that corroborated the findings of the Ombudsman that Fazul Mohammed possesses fraudulent academic documents.

“We will confront this smear campaign and stand steadfast in defence of civic space and other constitutionally safeguarded liberties that will never be conceded on account of actions lacking in integrity and good faith.

KHRC and AfriCOG which is chaired by John Githongo and whose board members include Maina Kiai and Gladwell Otieno was party to the last presidential petition with Kethi Kilonzo as its legal representative, have reportedly planned to file a presidential petition against Uhuru Kenyatta’s win which they claim was fraught with election anomalies before the clampdown.

KHRC said the new chapter has been opened of uplifting entities that are State leaning and punish those critical of the State.