By Eric Winston/ Guest Writer

A grim CCTV capture of a deranged terror suspect attacking a senior prison officer before others join in the melee was played in a Nairobi court as the facility boss Henry Kisingu explained that guards refrained from shooting down two suspects who had taken refuge at a rooftop.

The clip was captured on monitors mounted at Kamiti prison in a case in which police now seek to charge the suspects involved with attempted murder and a foiled jail break.

It is the case in which Moroccan Mohammed Salim, alias Daud, could face the charges after he, alongside another inmate Ramadhan Rashid, attacked an inspector at Kamiti Prison on August 15 2017.

Images of the two

The video played in court show images of the two, Mohammed Salim and Ramadhan Rashid assaulting Inspector Julius Lekula.

Explaining the incident after Salim’s lawyer Hassan Nandwa had demanded summons against the officer-in-charge of the facility for an alleged assault on the suspect by warders, the Officer-in-charge of Kamiti Prison Henry Kisingu said that the incident took place at the Isolation Block where terror suspects are held.

Too violent

It all started with Charles Mberesero, a Garissa University attack suspect, displaying symptoms of mental instability and appearing agitated and uncontrollable.

Mberesero is seen in the footage pointing his fingers to the sky, and according to the officer, shouting “today, I must be awarded…” in Swahili.

When the officer in charge of the block realised that the inmate was too violent for them to handle, he called for reinforcement and was joined by four other officers.

It was then that Mohammed Salim and Ramadhan Rashid came from their cells and charged at Inspector Lekula.

“The situation turned from controlling a commotion to rescuing the inspector who was being assaulted by the two remandees,” Kisingu told the court.

Razor wire

The two remandees then climbed up the roof of the “Isolation cell” in what the officer termed as “an attempt to escape from lawful custody.” Warning shots were fired at them and they took cover behind an iron sheet where razor wire cut the suspect.

Salim and Ramadhan only agreed to come down after the officer assured them that they would not be harmed by the prison warders.

Salim had visible head and arm injuries and received medical attention at the prison facilities.

Investigations by Kiambu Director of Criminal Investigations are ongoing and the two may be charged with attempted murder and jail break.

Charles Mbereseru has since been taken to hospital for a physical and mental checkup.

Meanwhile, hearing of Mohammed Salim’s case where he is charged alongside Jabareen Ahmed for terrorism offences continues on September 6 2017.

Two mobile phones and a crude knife, literature related to terrorism were recovered after a search, the court heard.