By Eric Winston

The Supreme Court has granted NASA access to IEBC servers.

NASA have been allowed read-only access to data and equipment used by IEBC to conduct and transmit results in the August 8 polls.

They will also be given copies of certificate of penetration on test conducted on IEBC systems.

Access to server

The petitioners shall be supplied with information on how polling stations were allocated KIEMS kits during the presidential election.

The National Super Alliance had sought access to the servers even before President Kenyatta was declared winner, promising to concede defeat if they found no evidence of tampering with the transmitted election results.

Winner of August election

During the pre-trial conference on Saturday, the IEBC made a concession to part of the application, saying it was willing to grant the petitioners access to the original Forms 34 which were the basis of IEBC’s declaration of President Kenyatta as winner of the August 8 election

IEBC has also been ordered to supply NASA with scanned copies of all Form 34As and 34Bs.

Hearing of the main petition begins August 28 2017.

Raila went to court to contest IEBC’s declaration of Uhuru Kenyatta as winner in the August 8 polls.

He claims there was massive fraud and manipulation of the election results in favour of his main contender President Uhuru Kenyatta.