Archbishop Gilbert Deya of the miracle babies fiasco now wants DNA test results from two children to prepare his defence.

At the mention of the criminal case at the Milimani law courts on August 31 2017 his lawyer John Swaka told the trial magistrate that the suspect is readying for the case.

Did Gilbert Deya of the ‘Miracle babies’ infamy steal five children from unknown parents in 2004?

In the case, Deya is charged with stealing five children in Nairobi.

Swaka told the court the defence has so far been served with documents the prosecution will be relying on except for two which “may be served soon.”

Fled the country

Earlier, Deya had requested the court to compel Immigration department to give him copies of his travel history since May 1 1999 when he fled the country.

Archbishop Gilbert Deya deported back to Kenya from UK on child trafficking charge

‘The defence is expecting results of DNA test from the government chemist for Deya’s children,” Swaka said.

He also said Deya is in custody and therefore would not like adjournments from late filing of documentation relating to the case when the hearing starts in earnest.

The hearing is set for October 9 2017 and October 16 2017.

Swaka said he hopes there will be no changes.

A mention is set for September 14 2017.