Police conducted a search, recovered a mobile phone and a laptop from a student involved in the arson attack that claimed the lives of  9 students at Moi Girls in Nairobi, Kenya, a trial court was told.

The mobile phone was registered to the student’s mother, (whose name we wish not to publish at this moment)  and is currently being subjected to detailed forensic examination with results yet to be obtained.

The Suspect accompanied in court by SSP Phylis Kanina, DCIO Kilimani police division

Police have since been given seven additional days to interrogate TWG, as she is identified in the proceedings for being a minor.

But she may be charged with murder, state counsel Alloys Kemo told court.

The prosecutor said extensive investigations have narrowed down on TWG, a form one student, as the culprit.

Risk to herself

On September 1 2017 a fire broke out at Moi Girls School Kabarnet dormitory and investigations led to the arrest of the suspect at her home in Thome Estate where the gadgets were recovered.

Trial Magistrate Theresa Nyangena concurred that it was in TWG’s own interest to be kept in custody as she may harm herself.

Kemo said based on issues raised and leads being followed, ” the respondent is at risk, the incident having evoked a public outcry and further the respondent is a risk to herself.”

The student is said to have been suicidal.

“Police are currently conducting investigations with a view of exploring pertinent leads that came up during interrogation after her arrest,” Kemo told court.

Root cause

He said the minor may be charged with murder and arson once investigations are complete.

Police promised to ensure her protection while in custody at the Kilimani Police Station.

They say through this case they may ensure that no more school fires occur in the county and get to the root cause and ensure the safety and security of learners.

Several students were injured in the incident and property destroyed.

Probation report

Detectives are still taking statements from the student while seeking to establish if she had worked with any other person in committing the crime that cost nine lives of her colleagues and more than 50 others injured.

The magistrate wants a probation report before he bail terms are determined when proceedings resume.
The report is likely to give a peek into the teen’s background and what could have led her to commit such a crime, with an initial report the school gave to police showing she had challenges in school where her parents were often called to solve.

Fire is said to have started from the prime suspect’s cubicle before it quickly spread to adjacent ones and eventually destroyed the entire dormitory housing more than 300 Form One students. The school has a population of more than 1000 students.