Chief Justice David Maraga has scoffed at critics and categorically stated that he is ready to pay the ultimate price to protect the integrity of the Constitution.

Maraga said that if anything from now happens to any Judicial officer or a member of their families, the individuals that promised to deal with them after the Supreme Court ruling that annulled president Uhuru’s win will be held personally accountable.

He said there has been an increase in attacks on individual judges, a thing he termed unlawful, savage and mindless but said cannot circumvent the course of justice.

Maraga said attacks have increased and the profiling on Social Media of judges since the Supreme Court handed a verdict in the 2017 election petition.

“The judiciary is an arm of government, equal to the executive and the legislature…” the CJ said adding that judicial officers are independent and will not be intimidated into making decisions that favour particular individuals.

Punching bag

Hundreds of Jubilee supporters had earlier turned the Supreme Court into a daylight punching bag by holding a demo outside the court precincts where they accused the top court of stealing Uhuru’s election victory.

We could not establish whether the police had been notified and gave the green-light of the demo that brought business to a standstill in the CBD!

The Supreme Court will on September 20 2017 deliver, in full, its reasons for voiding President Uhuru Kenyatta’s August 8 contentious election victory.

The detailed judgement will set the record straight on a number of issues concerning the repeat presidential poll it ordered on September 1 2017 including the dicey IEBC issue.

The CJ in a press conference noted that the Judiciary will not be cowed under the shadow of an assault from the political class and their supporters.

He took issue with supporters who blocked Hon Martha Karua from accessing Kerugoya law courts to her election petition.

Maraga said the police have been indolent even when reports of threats to lives to judicial officers have been made in public and reported to the Inspector General.

He went on to accuse the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet of failing to protect the Judiciary as protestors demonstrated outside the Supreme Court building.

He said the assault on the Judiciary was meant to intimidate them against the backdrop of more than 300 election petition already filed in courts.