A Nairobi court has stopped the recruitment of the Vice Chancellor for Kenyatta University pending the hearing of a suit challenging the process and selection of candidates lodged by activist Okiya Omtatah.

Omtatah states in the pending application  that the process had taken a different turn from the initial “criterion on agreed in settlement of Employment and Labour Relations Petition No. 89 of 2015, Okiya Omtatah Okoiti vs. Kenyatta University Council & 3 Others, and published in the Daily Nation of 3 rd August 2017, and on the university’s website.”

The parties had registered a consent when the activist first challenged the recruitment in 2015  agreeing on the criterion for appointing the Vice Chancellor for Kenyatta University, “which the respondents are now flouting.”

Unqualified persons

Omtatah said the respondents have since  shortlisted unqualified persons as candidates to be interviewed for the sensitive position of the Vice Chancellor for Kenyatta University.

“The respondents are conducting the recruitment exercise in secrecy to the extent that they have failed/refused to publish the date, time, and venue of the anticipated interviews….” Omtatah’s suit papers read.

He said credible information has leaked that the respondents will conduct secretive interviews on 21st and 22nd September 2017.

He said Dr Violet Chesang (is) participating in the recruitment exercise yet she ceased being a member of the KU council, having been transferred in the same capacity to Kibabii University.

“If the impugned interviews are not suspended to allow the Court time to determine their validity, the petitioner’s case will be rendered nugatory,” Omtatah said.

Cause of Justice

Granting the orders sought herein will advance the cause of justice, the activist added and that the balance of convenience favours the granting of the orders sought in this application, a thing the trial court upheld.

The court directed that an order of injunction be in place restraining the respondents and their agents from conducting the interviews pending hearing on October 4 2017.