The suspect, Ali Elami Wario, however needs an Ethiopian interpreter to  fully comprehend the two terrorism charges he faces for a second time after being linked to a man killed at DP Ruto’s Sugoi home after a 20-hour siege in late July this year.

He had been set free  at the Moyale law court, for lack of evidence, after pleading to the same charges but was seized and brought to Nairobi where ATPU profiled him in light of “new evidence.”

Police now say there is fresh evidence linking the suspect they say was in constant communication with  Mohammed Ibrahim Mohamud, the lone assailant who reportedly killed a police officer at the Ruto home and staged a 20 hour siege on July 29 2017.Elami, a shopkeeper at Moyale’s Biashara Street is charged with  being found to be a member of  Al-Shabab,’in that you were found to be  an accomplice of one Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamud, the slain attacker at the Deputy President William Ruto’s Sugoi residence and who was using telephone No. 0724 382 689.

Slain intruder

He is also charged with being unlawfully present in the country in tat he didn’t have a valid pass, permit or visa at the time of his arrest on  August 10 2017.

The suspect was arrested shortly after being set free under Section 87(a) of the penal code which allows law enforcement to start all over again in case new evidence is unearthed.Police have sworn an affidavit claiming there is new evidence and that the suspect was in constant communication with the slain intruder, whom media reported to have been a known hawker in the area.

The intruder allegedly assailed an officer with a machete, gouged his eyes and cut off his tongue, injured another and  proceeded to an armuory where  took different guns he used to confuse security teams that they were many.