The witness,a vendor, was handing the days newspapers to the late Kabete Mp George Muchai when the lone gun man started shooting.

Ronald Nyangeresi recounted the horrific assassination with the precision of an eyewitness.

Without provocation

He said the gunman stepped out of a white vehicle that had pulled right in from of the late Mp’s car and without provocation  felled the MP, his two bodyguards and  chauffeur.

The witness said the gun-man first fired at the driver’s  window of Muchai’s vehicle after the Mp, known to him for close to ten years had motioned him to bring four copies of newspapers, Nation, The Star, Standard and Nairobian.

“A white car came and blocked the MP’s vehicle… at that point a
man hiding his face behind  a mask came out of the vehicle while armed with a G3 rifle and in a “split second” opened fire.

The late Muchai’s widow, Susan Nyawira, has since told the court her husband was assassinated in a well planned gangland style hit-job.  Nyawira told  Justice James Wakiaga that they had been partying late into the night before the hit men struck.

“The manner in which he was killed alongside, his driver and two armed bodyguards indicates it was a well planned execution…” the widow said somberly.

Negative talk

She said that before his death there were negative talk in the country which were published both in the print and broadcast media about COTU, following his late husband removal from the organisation which she termed were clear acts of aggression.

“At Galileo’s in Westlands, he looked uptight and apprehensive…” the widow added.The vendor said he fled the scene at the crack of gunfire and went to seek medical attention from trauma.

“I ran away but came back later to see that the same people I had been selling newspapers to had been shot, the driver was slumped on the steering wheel, soaked in blood,” the witness said.

Briefcase snatched

Hearing continues on December 6 2017.

The suspects on trail include two ex-convicts, two women allegedly found in possession of the murder weapon and a man found in possession of the late Mp’s mobile phone.

A briefcase snatched from the late Mps’s car after the shooting has never been recovered, the trial court heard.