The Law Society of Kenya has accused the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions of complicity in a case involving the murder of Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) lawyer Jared Ratemo Mokua whose body was found dumped along Mombasa Road, Nairobi.

Doctor on trial alongside former MP in rape case now charged with murder of KRA lawyer Jared Ratemo Mokua

LSK lawyer Stephen Ongaro told a trial court in Nairobi where a medic, David Muchiri Mwangi, is charged with the murder of the lawyer, that the Society is opposed to “any plea bargaining” and also strongly opposed to the suspect’s release on bond.

“The accused is part of a wider scheme to divert attention and cover-up murder…” Ongaro charged.

New Developments

State counsel Catherine Mwaniki had confirmed to the court that there was a plea bargain in the offing but has since sought that it be deferred due to new developments in the sensational murder case.

She sought, and was granted, a month’s detention order against the suspect saying that fresh investigations had been launched after an altercation arose on October 17 2017 involving the family and relatives of the deceased and a senior police officer.

She said the commotion involved the deceased’s brother, two distant relatives against Mokua’s widow.

“The IG and DCI are investigating and based on this, we wish to postpone our response on the plea bargain till we get further information from the police as a senior officer was also involved,” Mwaniki said.

The prosecutor said Mokua’s widow is quite “insecure” following the altercation.

“As we consider a plea bargain, we are also considering the rights of the victim(s), we hope in a month’s time, it will have been settled.”

More investigations

LSK through its lawyer told the trial court that it will raise an objection against releasing the murder suspect on bail.

Ongaro said they are not satisfied with investigations conducted and have demanded that more investigations be carried out and that its concerns have been raised with the DPP.

Mwaniki said the doctor has owned up treatment notes to be considered in the plea bargain of which LSK deems a scheme to cover-up murder. 

LSK has also demanded that the doctor be taken away from Muthaiga police station, where he had been detained allegedly to hand over some 20 patient files, and be detained at Industrial Area Remand Prison.

The case will be mentioned on December 4 2017.