A rogue cop from the presidential escort and a civilian have been held over a stolen pistol from the armoury at GSU Camp Ruiru which was recovered in Kawangware 56 area.

The police to hype up their case against one of their own Edwin Nyariki Otiso and his alleged conduit Justus Nyamwaya Aunga say they need time to establish whether the firearm has been involved in “Kawangware skirmishes.”

The firearm was tracked in Kawangware 56 where allegedly it had been smuggled to be sold at Ksh100,000.

The pistol was loaded with 15 bullets when the officer raided it from the armoury.

Nyamwaya may be charged with stealing contrary to section 268(1) of the CPC.

The suspect is believed to be behind a cartel that sells guns to criminals.

They have since been charged with stealing a Jericho pistol at State House GSU armoury valued at Ksh200,000 and 15 bullets valued at Ksh15,000, a charge they denied.

Aunga was further charged with handling stolen property.

The case will be heard on March 5 2018.