Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association (KMJA) has raised concerns about the security of judges and magistrates following the carjacking incident of Kwale law courts magistrate Doreen Mulekyo.

KMJA Secretary General Derrick Kuto has said the nature of their work is similar but judges are provided with a bodyguard round the clock yet the overexposed magistrates have none.

The Kwale magistrate was accosted next to Diani Shopping centre.
KMJA condemned the incident and called upon the Inspector General of police and the Directorate of Criminal investigations to investigate the matter and possibly find ways of staffing bodyguards to protect the magistrates.
“Such cowardly acts will not dissuade us from boldly dispensing our judicial duties to ‘Wanjiku’ as per the law established,” said Kuto.
Stabbed with a screwdriver
Kuto said that  Mulekyo managed to jump out of the car and scampered for safety.
“It is however surprising that even though the nature of their work is similar, judges are provided with a bodyguard yet magistrates have none,” Kuto said.
Kuto said the magistrate is still traumatised. Police have since reported a recovery of the magistrate’s top range car.
The incident comes a few weeks after unknown assailants sprayed Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu’s bodyguard with bullets in Nairobi injuring him.
This comes in the wake of a brazen attack targeting a magistrate after a suspect stabbed her with a screwdriver inside a courtroom.
Another was kidnapped after an attacker hid inside her vehicle and attempted to strangle her from behind.