Grace Sorora, the woman at the centre of a decade-old land dispute with former Marakwet West MP David Sudi, has lost yet another court battle pitting them over the Woodley piece of land!

How crooks kept former Marakwet MP David Sudi from his plot in Nairobi using forged documents for 10 years

She had sought to shield herself against her prosecution for forgeries.

Justice Roslyn Aburili said after considering Sorora’s case, she found that the pending criminal proceedings arising from the forgeries will have no bearing on her other appeal she had lodged.

Sorora had lodged an appeal against an earlier ruling which indicted her for forgeries and holding on to a plot she did not own.

“I have considered the pending criminal proceedings and find that they will not interfere with ongoing civil litigation before the land court and court of appeal,” ruled justice Aburili.

Case to proceed

Sorora’s appeal is hinged on an argument that the judge who indicted her had no “jurisdiction”.

Justice Aburili ruled that alleged forgeries being investigated would not interfere with the pending civil cases and directed that the criminal case pending at the chief magistrate’s court to proceed.

The businesswoman and Sudi have been fighting for the ownership of one acre plum plot in the city’s Adams Arcade.

Sudi bought the land in 2009.

Sorora was found to have forged documents.