Sheikh Guyo Gorsa whose arrest sparked violent street protests in Marsabit may be detained for a month to allow in-depth investigations linking him to Al-Shabaab.

An affidavit filed in a Nairobi court links the outspoken Sheikh  to terrorism, especially “recruiting of youth to join the Al-Shabaab militia.”

He has been linked to a leaked terror attack, police say.

Churches burnt

Guyo was arrested in Marsabit, Madrasa Taba by a combined team of security forces and flown to Nairobi for interrogation.

“His digital prints, so far obtained for his cell phone shows he has been in constant communication with known terrorists and their supporters…” reads an affidavit sworn by ATPU’s Cyrus Ikade.

After his arrest, a man was killed in the riots that saw shops looted and churches burnt.

Capacity to interfere

There was also torching of police vehicles…

“The activities of the respondent and his associates pose a great risk to national security and security of peace-loving human race in the world and such actions must be fully investigated,” state counsel Duncan Ondimu submitted.

He said Guyo is an influential person and within Marsabit county and has the capacity to interfere with investigations.

That due to the violence after his arrest it was impossible to conduct a search at his residence and the place from where he operates.

A magistrate has been asked to grant an order to detain him for 30 days for completion of investigations.