Two accomplices of the Marimba Sacco touts accused of beating a motorist to death in Zimmerman on Christmas Eve have been charged with murder.

George Irungu Maina and Ian Mbugua were not required to plead to the charge as they have not been assigned a lawyer by the State.

Marimba Investment Sacco matatus to stay off our roads, court rules

The judge directed they be brought back to court on January 24 2018 when they will be assigned a state lawyer to defend them.

High on drugs

Kiarie, a former Maseno University Student leader, died at the Neema Uhai Hospital after he was clobbered by touts and drivers high on drugs after a minor traffic accident.

It is alleged that 33year old was driving out of a car wash in Zimmerman when his car was grazed by the matatu.

Kiarie and the matatu crew are said to have differed over cash payment for the incident after which the touts and drivers attacked him.

After the incident, NTSA suspended the operator’s license of Marimba Investment Sacco.