Lawyer Nelson Havi wants the high court to stop elections at the Law Society of Kenya slated for February 12 2018.

Havi was disqualified from contesting for the president’s seat in the society on December 13 2017 on grounds of alleged ineligibility.

A prerequisite for vying states that a candidate “shall have attained at least 15 years’ experience as a legal practitioner” which the young lawyer has disputed and termed unlawful.

Momentous case

Havi wants the court to declare Section18 (1) and Section 2 (a) and (b) of the LSK Act, 2014 unconstitutional as it discriminates on the basis of age and status for the election of the president, vice president and council member.

He argues that he is qualified to vie for the seat since he has a 15-year experience under his sleeve as a practising lawyer.

Havi was admitted to the bar in June 2003 and has had “an illustrious career with tremendous service to the public”.

The hearing of the momentous case is scheduled January 29 2018