A police officer accused of renting guns to criminals, Gabriel Rotich’s lover (name withheld for now) claims innocence when detectives arrest her during the initial hunt for the rogue law keeper.

She is a flamboyant woman operating a business at Kamukunji, where they met while Gabriel Rotich worked at Kamukunji police station.

The woman whose confession reeks of  dirty adultery tells detectives they “used to meet during the day because she has to go back and prepare for her husband…”

Not guilty

Senior sergeant Gabriel Rotich, who was in charge of the armoury at the Kiambu Directorate of Criminal Investigations,has since been charged and  pleaded “not guilty.”

Milimani chief magistrate Francis Andayi released the rogue cop on a cash bail of Sh400,000 pending the hearing on March 1.

Rotich surrendered to police after about a week in hiding.

“He called me and told me to meet him at a pub opposite Oil Libya where we speant upto around 9.00pm.” the businesswoman who told detectives she never knew where Rotich was hiding,then,told detectives.

Colleagues at work

She had been traced and arrested at her home in Zimmerman estate, Nairobi.

She said they were to meet the following day for sex but when she called his phone it was silent only for Rotich to send her an SMS later that she sent her Ksh1000.

The woman says she tried calling him but his phone was off!

Later she managed to get hold of him and they met in Roysambu where Rotich told her he was having some issue s with colleagues at work.More guns

He presented himself to officers of the Special Crimes Prevention Unit at te height of his hunt telling colleagues that he didn’t want to die.

The officer went missing after  over hearing on police radio that two gangsters had been in Industrial area and a police gun recovered.

Security forces  in Kiambu broke into Rotich’s house and office where they recovered two pistols and 95 bullets.

Police said one pistol was missing from the Kiambu firearm records. It is suspected that Rotich disappeared with the more guns than imagined.