Betty Tett’s adopted son, David, has filed a petition at the High Court seeking to know his biological parents.

David Tett wants a constitutional court to compel the former nominated MP and her husband William Mulready to disclose the circumstances under which he was adopted from Mama Fatuma Goodwill Children’s Home.

He told justice John Mativo on Wednesday that he turned to the court as the couple allegedly violated his rights.

David is serving a life sentence for robbery with violence. He was sentenced to death when he was convicted on June 28, 2013 of violently robbing his foster father William Mulready.

He claimed at the time that his adoptive parents got him imprisoned as they were “dissatisfied” with him.

Adopted children

David noted the court has the authority to determine whether adopted children have a right to obtain legal documents disclosing the identities of their biological parents.

The petitioner further argues that since he was convicted he has suffered a lot and has not received any support from Betty and William.

“Being a convict does not take away the love and compassion from a person’s presumed parents,” the court heard.

David was taken away from the home while a child and lived with the couple until he was 17 years old.

He told the court that “adverse mistreatment” forced him to leave the family as he was treated differently from other members.

David wants the court to declare that he should be considered part of the couple’s family despite not being their biological son.

The man further wants Betty and William ordered to compensate him for the alleged mistreatment and violation of his rights.

The ruling will be delivered on April 18.