Safaricom Director of Consumer Business Unit, Sylvia Wairimu Njuguna, has sworn a further affidavit implicating a businessman and a lawyer of a heinous plot to kill her.

The lawyer, Suyinka Lempaa, now wants her summoned to court for cross-examination on her adverse averment while the businessman, Mike Njeru, of Transcend Media Group wants to be enjoined in the proceedings pitting her against the DPP in which she is challenging her prosecution for causing the death of an innocent child by dangerous driving.

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But in a strange twist of events, akin to court proceedings, Wairimu alias Mulinge does not want Mike Njeru enjoined in the proceedings despite mentioning him in her affidavit neither does she want Lempaa granted leeway to cross-examine her.

Lempaa has argued that in the interest of justice Mulinge must chew her own pie, insisting that she ” be summoned to court to clarify her allegations which are criminal in nature.”

Mike Njeru and Mulinge have a beef elsewhere concerning Safaricom contracts and the latter thinks he is behind the renewal of the case which she had otherwise settled with a “benevolent” payment of Ksh950,000 to the parents of the child she fatally knocked down at the Southern by-pass.

The child’s parents have since been forcefully enjoined in the case as Interested Parties by an order of the court.

Mulinge’s case involves a 2015 traffic accident in which she was accused of causing the death of a minor along the Southern by-pass, Nairobi county, while driving her Toyota Prado KBY 483M on February 1 2015.

Hunt me down and kill me

The matter rested for three years, as if case closed, before it was triggered by the International Centre for Policy and Conflict(ICPC) which accused the DPP of indolence in pursuing justice for the dead child,(R.I.P).

In Mulinge’s affidavit she claims that there is an apparent scheme to embarrass her, being a top-notch executive at Safaricom.

But what even the trial judge George Odunga apparently would not comprehend momentarily and is yet to make a decision on, is the dragging in of alleged death threats into a case involving a determination on whether the DPP is acting rightly in seeking her prosecution for the accident.

“… that he will kill m,e for my perceived  role in his failure to clinch contracts with Safaricom limited,” Mulinge states in the affidavit and continues ” I am informed  by my brothers that on a particular day  during the electioneering period at carnivore  restaurant , the said Mike Njeru confronted my brother/brothers in law  and in hurling epithets about me and threatening in loud and aggressive manner that he would hunt me down and kill me.”

Lempaa on the other hand asked the trial court to expunge the sensational affidavit stating that the allegations may not be relevant to the determination of the application at hand, her challenge against prosecution, but still carry the weight of criminality in that in case something happened to Mulinge then the police may pursue a nexus between Mike Njeru, ICPC and himself!

A ruling on the interlocutory proceedings concerning Mike Njeru’s enjoinder and Lempaa’s proposed cross exam will be made on February 12 2018 before setting the date for hearing and subsequent submissions of the main case.